Research Overview


IISWBM is committed to promoting and maintaining high ethical norms of integrity and responsibility in the conduct of academic exploration by the faculty, scholars including Ph.D. scholars and experimenters. The purpose of this policy is to cover the quality, rights, good of actors experimenters, character of the institute, to manage and alleviate the threat arising from exploration and to insure the ethical practices bedded in the exploration work. This policy is applicable to all studies and exploration work carried out in connection with IISWBM, by faculty and scholars


The prime objective of the proposed research policy is to motivate the faculty of all the departments to initiate and carry out quality research and other research related activities.


This policy covers faculty members of all departments of the institute.

The scope of the policy foresees, in particular:

  • To motivate the faculty and scholars to focus on research activities, in addition to the teaching, so as to publish research articles in reputed refereed national and international journals with impact factor.
  • To encourage in writing books, monographs for publication by national and international publishers of repute.
  • To generate the interest among the faculty so that they take efforts to establish collaborative research projects with their counterparts in reputed foreign Universities.
  • To encourage the faculty members to submit proposals and secure funded research projects from various funding agencies in India and Abroad.
  • To undertake consultancy projects sponsored by either State or Central Government & Private Industries and other organizations.
  • To encourage creativity in the minds of faculty, so that they make original contributions by way of products, concepts etc. and obtain patents.



Researchers are responsible for assessing the appropriate route for ethical review for their project, with guidance as necessary, making the application and waiting until full approval has been granted before initiating their project. Supervisors of student researchers are responsible for ensuring the student is aware of research ethics review and approval procedures and that the appropriate ethical review procedure is followed by the student. Supervisors of student research are ultimately responsible for the ethical conduct of the research and the student researcher. Student researchers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the  institute requirements for ethical review and approval of research and for carrying out their study in compliance with good research practice and professional ethical guidance relevant to their subject area.

Research Committee

Research committees have been established to promote the research priority of the Institute. The Research Committee has primary responsibility for implementing and ensuring the ethical practices embedded in the research work, research strategy and monitoring it on an ongoing basis. Any academic area has to be identified where there are research gaps and creates the enabling environment so research can flourish. The Research Committee is also responsible for evaluating and approval of research work (research project, research paper, etc.) undertaken by the faculty and students. The Research Committee appointed by the Director consists of Head Research and other faculties to promote the research culture, integrity and responsible research conduct and prevention of plagiarism in the academic research work. The members of Research Committee are as follows:

Sr. Name of Member Designation of the Member
1 Dr. K. M. Agrawal Professor
2 Dr. Soma Roychowdhury Professor
3 Dr. P. K. Sikdar Professor
4 Dr. B. K. Chowdhury Professor
5 Dr. Madhumita Mohanty Professor
6 Dr. Tanima Ray Professor
7 Dr. Chinmoy Jana Professor
8 Dr. Sumati Ray Professor
9 Dr. Jhumoor Biswas Professor
10 Dr. Sudeepa Banerjee Professor
11 Dr. Jayanti De Professor
12 Dr. Gairik Das Professor
13 Dr. Sarbani Mitra Professor
14 Dr. Archana Sharma Professor


Vision for next 10 years in R& D

  • To be the most creative R& D centre of the country
  • To keep a business competitive by providing insights into the market and developing new services or improving existing ones
  • To establish multidisciplinary advanced R&D centre
  • To create strong industry linkages in fulfilling the needs
  • To arrange proper short term training to students in industries to gain industrial experience
  • To inspire faculty members to visit industries to work on industrial problems as a part of R&D