Director’s Message

IISWBM, the first Management Institute of India, was established in 1953 by the Legendary Chief Minister of West Bengal as its founder president and Professor D.K. Sanyal as its first Director.

The Institute has been undergoing an eventful journey in management education in India for more than 70 years and successfully contributing not only to the business but also to the society by providing a pool of professional managers who are driven by ethics, values and principle.

The alumni of the Institute are respectful for their knowledge, commitment and values not only to the business but also to the society at large. Eminent management personalities like Professor Sumantra Ghoshal, Industrialist Dr. S Jalan are among the distinguished alumni along with many other captains of the industry. The Institute is dedicated to nurture and develop socially sensitive and ethical managers with sound knowledge of modern management concepts and practices.

The Institute is known for its diversified activities which include teaching, training and research which are considered to be major pillars of quality education.

The Institute fosters and nurtures leaders of tomorrow who are capable of making a difference in the society through their innovative approach, ethical values and wisdom.

The Institute works very closely with the industry and our courses are aligned with the industry demands. Moreover, the industry leaders actively participate in the various courses that are being offered by the Institute.

The education structure of IISWBM is primarily based on four powerful concept i.e. creation of knowledge, dissemination of knowledge, application of knowledge and effective feedback mechanism. The highly experienced faculty of the Institute foster managers of tomorrow who will not only drive the business but also the society at large.

The seasoned faculty members who are actively involved in learning, fostering, creating knowledge and believe that learning can be a celebration. This is further facilitated by our domain specific centres of excellence in research and entrepreneurship. The strong faculty student relation at IISWBM has resulted in evolving and exploring innovative solution and thus creating a pool of building managers.

The Institute nurtures its students to be emotionally intelligent through inculcating human’s values and professional ethics so that they surpass competition and excel better than the best.

Let us join hands together to keep the flag of the premier Institute high.

Prof. (Dr.) K.M Agrawal
Director - IISWBM