Library Rules & Regulations

Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.

The Library remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Institute Holidays


  • Each member will be given an Identity Card and Membership Card.
  • To get enrolled as a member, a person shall fill up and sign the enrolment form. The student shall get it recommended from the respective Head of the Department or Course Coordinator. In absence of them, the Registrar can recommend the student. Non-teaching staff shall get it recommended from the Registrar. For others, either the Director's endorsement or the Registrar's endorsement will be necessary.
  • For Guest Faculty, membership fee of Rs.50/- and Alumni membership fee of Rs.1000/- will be payable annually.
  • The following people of the Institute are entitled to become members of the Library – Board Members, Full-time Faculty, Guest Faculty, Research Associates / Fellows & Teaching Associates, Students, Alumni, Officers, Non-teaching Staff

Lending Service

Members are entitled to borrow books on the scale given below:

Members No. of Books Maximum period for retaining a book Amount of deposit
Full-time Faculty 15 6 months Nil
Guest Faculty 02 1 months Rs.2000/-
Alumni 02 15 days Rs.3000/-
Research Associates / Fellows & Teaching Assistants 02 1 months Nil
Officers 02 1 months Nil
Non-teaching Staff 02 1 months Nil
Students 02 15 days As per rules
Visiting Faculty 15 3 months Nil

Lending Conditions

Loss of Membership Card

 A member who loses Membership Card and/or Identity card shall inform the issue counter and complete the necessary formalities.

Duplicates may be issued on payment of Rs.50 for each duplicate card and Identity card.

The member shall be required to sign an indemnity bond for the purpose.

  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing.

    Otherwise, they shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning.

    At the time of borrowing a book, either for use in the Library Reading Room or for use at home, every borrower should examine it carefully and bring immediately to the notice of the Librarian/Assistant Librarian or the person in charge of the issue counter the cases of mutilation, defacement or damage, if any.

    Otherwise, if these are detected subsequently, the person to whom the book was issued last will be held responsible and he/she shall be liable to compensate the Library in such a way as may be determined by the Librarian.

  • For the loss of books, the member shall either replace the same by a new one (latest edition) or pay a price, which would be determined by the current market value of the book.
  • An overdue charge of Rs.5 per volume per day shall be charged if a book is kept beyond the period of loan. Members who repeatedly fail to return books on due date may lose the privilege of membership of the Library.
  • Members must show their membership card and Identity card at the gate and at the time of borrowing/returning books.
  • No books would be issued/returned without verifying the Identity card. Membership cards are not transferable.
  • Reference books, rare books and periodical publications, CD-ROM, video cassettes are meant for use inside the Library only.

Library Clearance

  • Members shall produce Clearance Certificate to the respective department at the time of receiving marksheets, refund of Library deposit money, etc. Librarian will issue the Clearance Certificate after the member has returned all the books issued and surrendered the Membership cards and Identity card.
  • If a depositor does not claim refund of Library deposit money within 2 years from the cessation of his membership of the Library, the deposit amount will lapse.
  • Rs.50 will be charged to issue duplicate Clearance Certificate.

General Rules

  • Reading Room Facility for scholars from outside reputed Institutes/ Universities/ Industries may be provided for a period not more than 15 days at a time. Outside scholars shall be admitted only by special permit to be issued by the Librarian for the purpose. No lending facility shall be provided to them.
  • At the time of entering the Library all personal belongings, printed materials, personal books, photocopied materials, etc. shall be left at the property counter at the risk of the owner.
  • Books belonging to the Institute Central Library may be brought into the Library only when these are meant to be returned at the Library Counter.
  • While in the Library all persons shall observe basic and elementary principles of Library ethics and obey the rules and procedures of the Library. Silence is to be maintained strictly. Conversation and sleeping are not allowed in the Library.
  • Members must register their permanent address at the office of the Librarian and notify any change in writing.
  • Signature is necessary at the time of entry and exit in the Library.
  • No returning on the issuing date.
  • For using the books as "Counter Copy" and Electronic Library, one must submit the Identity card. Electronic Library is meant only for viewing CD-ROMs, e-journals and e-books.
  • The Library rules framed herein above may be altered, amended or new rules may be added, as might be required from time to time.