Research Program

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Systems, Social Welfare & Management

  • For International Ph D Scholars tuition fess for each semester will be INR 80000.00 and all other fees will remain same i.e. Admission Fee, Semester Registration Fees, Thesis Processing Fees and Caution Money, etc will be same as per Indian full/part time Ph D Scholars as mentioned above. The total fees payable by International Ph D Scholars will be INR 595000.00 for 6 semester (3 years).
  • Fee will be paid semester wise for the two semesters in a year. Enrolled scholar will pay above fee for the minimum period of 3 years for PhD full time/part time and for the remaining period they stay enrolled until thesis submission (only semester registration fees and half of tuition fees), upper limit being 6 years.
  • Fee concession if applicable, is allowed by the Institute on case to case basis and as per the system in vogue.
  • TThe Security Deposit will be refunded after completion of Ph D.
  • The above fees do not include University of Calcutta Fess which will be required to be paid separately.
  • Fee is subject to revision from time to time as decided by the Institute.